Training Program

At MJ's our training programs are customized to meet the hunter and dogs needs. Since all dogs are different when it comes to natural ability, temperment, and learning ability, we like to evaluate the dog and design a training program that fits the hunter and dog. For best results, we also encourage training time with the dog and owner. Below is a list of programs MJ's offers but is not limited to:

    General Obedience - This program begins with the basics. It focuses on sit, stay,come, heel, general manners, and leash walking.

    Pointing/Flushing Program - Will introduce dog to whistles, check cords, field commands, and gunfire. The program moves onto foundation training which includes training in the field on and off leash and whistle and verbal commands. The final stage will include whoa training, stauchness, retrieving, and steady to shot in actual hunting conditions.

    Preseason/Physical Conditioning - In this program MJ's will condition your dog, physically and mentally, for the upcoming hunt.

    Field Trial Training - The field trial training program is an advanced training program. In addition to the skills listed above, focus is put on steady to shot, retrieval to hand, many birds and different hunting situations.

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