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When our pup was 3 months old, we attended a Rick Smith dog-training seminar in Nebraska. It was a great experience and we learned a lot. However, probably the most important thing we learned was that we really needed a good dog trainer to work with both of us and pup. The analogy would be “The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know!”
Our Brittany pup was 71/2 months old when we finally found Melvin. This was our third Brittany. Our first Britt had some decent breeding our second was a rescue dog, obviously very poorly bred. This pup, however, was a real handful from the day we brought her home, compared to the first two. She has at least 28 Brittany Hall of Fame ancestors on both sides of her bloodlines, most of them field trial and bench dual champions.
At about 7-8 months, {the teenager stage} we had hit a wall with Josie, our pup, and felt we had taken her as far as we knew how. We needed more help!
Luckily, we e-mailed and talked to both Melvin and Julie over the phone and it finally seemed like we had found the right fit. During our first visit to MJ’s Upland Dog Haven, both Larry and I looked at each other and smiled, because we knew we had found the right guy.
It was clear from the first few minutes of observation that Melvin just loves dogs. Most of my teen years, twenties, and early thirties were spent around horse people. I have always been envious of those who have ‘that sixth sense about them’. They just seem to know what animals are thinking or are going to do, before they do it. These individuals make great trainers, especially when combined with the talent to make the animal understand what behavior is required and desired of them, with verbal and nonverbal communication. Always calm, firm and assertive, never heavy handed or abusive, combined with a mega dose of patience and you have a great trainer. That is how I would describe Melvin.
Melvin’s has developed a unique training style that somehow allows the dog to train itself. Everything has a reason and it makes it easy for the dog to understand what the end purpose is. Dogs that Melvin trains are happy, enthusiastic and want to please. I have seen many professionally trained dogs that are “hunting machines” that do everything right mechanically, but don’t necessarily like what they are doing. Back to the horse trainer analogy, there are those who break horses and there are those who train horses. With Melvin’s trained dogs, that ‘spirit or drive’ is intact and often is enhanced.
Melvin is always eager to share his tips and tricks that work the best for the dog. I have seen him successfully correct problems with dogs that other dog trainers were having trouble with. His willingness to share his ‘secrets that work’ with others, only attests to his confidence in his own abilities, and his desires to have the dog succeed.
Rather than leaving Josie at Melvin’s for training, only because I wasn’t sure I could live without her that long, also because of the close proximity of his business to our home in Colby, Mel allowed us to come over for “lessons” every week. He would work Josie on birds and give us homework to do and concentrate on for the next week. This teaching style allowed us to learn along with our dog. Often, Mel would work Josie with one of his dogs, sometimes those dogs would teach Josie as much or more than Mel could. Many times, I found myself fascinated and almost spellbound watching him work with the dogs. What a gift!
If you are having problems with your shooting skills or have a child or an adult who needs a good introduction to shot gunning, Melvin is an excellent instructor. He can analyze problems and give tips to correct them.
Josie just loves Melvin. When she hears his voice she gets exited and wants out of the car NOW! It’s the same when Mel walks into his kennel, all of the dogs are saying, “Pick me, Pick me!”
During these past six months, we have gotten to know Melvin, Julie and their two young sons quite well. They are a wonderful, hard working, honest family, and some of the nicest people you could ever hope to associate with.
Our only regret is that our first two Brittany’s did not have the chance to be trained by this kind and gentleperson. They could have been fifty times the ‘great dogs’ that they were!
Be sure to ask Julie to take pictures, she is a talented photographer!
Sherry Barrett
Colby, Kansas

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"I would like to convey how impressed I was with the job Melvin did training our Munsterlander, Carley. She has turned out to be an excellent hunter; she tracks, points, retrieves and works the field tirelessly. Melvin has the ability to work with the individual personality of the dog no matter what breed it might be. He is firm, demands respect, is never cruel, and I have never seen a person who loves all dogs more than Melvin. When we went back a second time to do some continuing training, Carley was so excited to be there and immediately ran for her kennel where she had stayed previously. To see him work his own dogs and puppies is incredible, they are hunting machines. We recommend Melvin to all our friends and would never consider anyone else to train our hunting dogs. "

Tom Zook
Sedalia, CO.
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I highly recommend Melvin and Julie Crow of MJ'S Upland Dog Haven in Goodland, KS for any dog training you may need. Melvin had my 4 year old GSP, Dub, for one month during August and September of 2005. Dub returned a changed dog!!! At times he wanted to hunt more for himself than for me. Upon returning, Dub hunts as part of our man-dog team, always watching which way I am headed. If he begins to drift off in another direction, a short whistle will bring him around. I also had Melvin work on his retrieving. Dub has retrieved all birds shot over him, but usually not to hand. Now his retrieves are to my hand. Melvin has a laid back style of training that I think most dogs will respond to very quickly.

Rest assured that your dog will be well taken care of when left in MJ'S care...clean kennels, nice dog houses, plenty of water, high quality food and plenty of exercise. Melvin and his family will treat your dog as their own. He limits the number of dogs he has at any one time so that each dog can get the individual attention they need while staying with him.

I received email updates and training pictures while Dub was being trained. That is a very nice extra. And of course, Melvin was always ready to spend time on the phone with me to answer my questions and let me know how Dub was doing. When I picked up Dub at the end of his training, I also received a computer print out of what he had done each day...miles run each morning, number of birds shot over him with extra notes detailing other training that Melvin had done. Again this was not just a summary, but a complete, day to day listing of what my dog had done each day while at MJ'S Upland Dog Haven.

If you have a young dog that needs the proper start or an older dog that needs a "tune-up", Melvin Crow can provide the training. I think he is the "Dog Whisperer" of the GSP world. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about MJ'S Upland Dog Haven.

Bernie Proskovec
Madrid, NE

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MJ's provides all types of training for your dog. They offer obedience training and field trial training with compassion and tender loving care . Within the first week Whiskey had his obedience done for the most part.
Within the second week Whiskey was pointing and flushing birds. It was uphill from there each day Whiskey would learn something new. Melvin caters to each dog and to the ability of the dog to hunt. I was very happy with Whiskey's training. I dropped off a puppy and picked up a trained dog. Melvin and Julie are exceptional people providing tender care to your dog and they still get the training done. I would recommend MJ's to anyone looking to have their hunting partner trained. Whiskey and I look forward to the upcoming field trials. MJ's puppies are as smart as they come while Whiskey was in training we acquired a hunting partner for Whiskey.
Boots as we call him is showing all the desires to learn and hunt as Whiskey. Boots will possibly be at the field trials with Whiskey. What great years are ahead of us because of MJ's.

Thank you Melvin, Julie, and boys for all your help with training our dogs.

Brenda & Justin Ford
Ulysses, KS
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Melvin has done an excellent job training my laborador retriever, Sophie, to flush as well as blind retrieves. His kindness and affection for the dogs is very apparent, and his style of working with the dogs brings outstanding results. Not only that, he and his wife, Julie, are just really nice people. I strongly recommend Melvin as a trainer and guide!

Sam Doyle

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