Bernie Proskovec:
Travis Hahn:
Mel & Julie, Your site is nice and wanted to thankyou for being able to provide the female 'Jessie' for new breeding lines and hunting pleasure for your Kennels. It was a pleasure. Keep us informed and keep up the good work! sam doyle:
check references Jason:
Melvin and Julie thanks for the great job you have done with my dog Festus. Great web site and keep up the hard work! John:
Melvin did a terrific job training our Yellow Lab 'Brett' Jordan McCombs:
Sadie looks just like her dad Duke, the round spot on her side. Jason:
We've got sweet little Nowie - what a great hunting dog and companion! Tom Lightfoot:
Mark, Heather  and TyStewart:
GSP he is training Post Not Active Jon:
Looking forward to some KS pheasant hunting with my family from Canada! Post Not Active
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